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Although Felicity has some moral quibbles with Oliver’s methods, she chooses to stay with the team and help them fight for justice in Star City. In 6×10 they finally get married and raise William happily as a family.

Did Felicity and Oliver get divorced?

Oliver And Felicity Will Remain Married In Arrow Season 8.

Does Oliver Queen marry Felicity in Arrow?

She becomes CEO of Palmer Technologies and subsequently founds her own company, Smoak Tech. Her relationship with Oliver develops into a romantic one, leading to their marriage and to her becoming stepmother to his son, William, and later mother to their daughter, Mia.

Does Laurel and Oliver get married?

In this reality, Oliver and Laurel are engaged and the pair never became the Green Arrow or the Black Canary.

Who did Oliver Queen Marry?

As mentioned, Oliver Queen did in fact get married to Nyssa al Ghul, but he has a complex history with the League of Assassins and the al Ghul family in general.

Which episode does Oliver propose to Felicity?

He proved it in the first part of 2017’s DCTV Arrowverse crossover event, “
Crisis on Earth-X
.” This post contains spoilers for the first part of “Crisis on Earth-X.” Oliver Queen — wait for it — proposes to his girlfriend, Felicity Smoak, at someone else’s wedding in the first part of Crisis on Earth-X.

Arrow And Flash(Oliver and Barry) Gets Married to Felicity and Iris west.

Arrow 6×09 Opening Scene Oliver and Felicity wedding Scene HD

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Do Felicity and Oliver stay together?

Oliver’s original love interest on Arrow was Laurel, but it was Felicity who he ultimately ended up with. Here’s why the series changed course.

Why does Felicity break up with Oliver?

Oliver left
because he wanted to be with Felicity
, they make that decision together, they decided to leave that life behind and yet Felicity was working the whole time with Team Arrow behind his back.

What happens to Oliver and Felicity in season 7?

The Arrow series finale quietly killed off Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) love interest, in its final scene — leading some fans to wonder why the Arrowverse show would have a major character die at the very end.

Does Oliver marry Nyssa?

Nyssa Al Ghul and Oliver Queen did in fact get married towards the end of Season 3 when Oliver signed on to become a member of the League of Assassins.

Does Oliver love Felicity?

Felicity is feeling guilty because Oliver killed someone to keep her safe, but Oliver feels he had no choice. Because
he loves her.

Who is Oliver Queen’s daughter?

Mia Queen (born September/October 2019), previously named Mia Smoak in an erased timeline, is the daughter of the late Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, the younger paternal half-sister of William Clayton, the granddaughter of the late Robert Queen, Moira Queen, Noah Kuttler, and Donna Smoak, and the niece of Emiko …

Does Sara get back with Oliver?

He was also responsible for Sara’s first ‘death’. After the five years Oliver spent on Lian Yu, he and Sara resumed their relationship for a while. Surprisingly, they actually made quite a good couple, as both of them had changed somewhat for the better during their traumatic ideal.

Who does Tommy end up with in Arrow?

Tommy never died during the Undertaking, which means he was around for the eight years that followed. And, in that time, he ended up getting married… to
Laurel Lance

How does the arrow end?

The couple shares a much-deserved kiss and has an emotional conversation. The series ends with Oliver and Felicity in a candid talk and Oliver telling Felicity that now they have all the time in the world for him to tell her how he saw her before they first spoke.

What episode does Felicity get pregnant?

‘Arrow’ Recap Season 7 Episode 14 — Felicity Pregnant, Emiko Secret | TVLine.

Does Oliver and Felicity have a baby?

Who did Oliver Queen get pregnant?

Samantha Clayton (died May 17, 2390) was the ex-lover of Oliver Queen and the mother of William Clayton. Oliver ultimately got her pregnant, though she was paid $1 million by Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother, to pretend she had had a miscarriage and move back to Central City, though she never cashed the check.

Does Oliver Queen love Laurel or Felicity?

At some point during this journey (in the sixth episode of Season 2, if we’re asking Stephen Amell),
Oliver fell in love with Felicity
. She’s his moral compass, the person who believes in the good in him the most and brings out that light, and he wants to become a better man, not for Laurel, but for her.

Why does Oliver get married?

They didn’t want what was between them to ever become a sacrifice. Sacrifice was what Oliver chose when he married, a “parallel life”: one that you had to work on, secure, satisfying, not that intense and raw, but not the end of the world if it wouldn’t work out, either. The “normal” life.

Why did Felicity leave arrow?

However, later speaking with Collider about her character, Rickards would note that she was leaving “Arrow” before its final season because she felt that Felicity Smoak’s time in the story was clearly over.

Where did Felicity go at the end of Season 7?

If a show’s final moment says a lot about a series, then the Arrow series finale’s otherworldly closing scene could be translated as, “Meant to be.” After being led by the Monitor in 2040 to reunite with Oliver, Felicity found herself transported to the afterlife, in the form of a familiar Queen Consolidated office.

Why did Felicity end after 4 seasons?

Some (slightly too obsessed) fans never forgave her and ratings for the show began to plummet. While Felicity’s hair eventually grew back, the show was canned in 2002. It sounds ridiculous, sure, but now, 19 years on, Russell herself says
the haircut is to blame for the show’s demise

Who is Oliver Queen’s love interest?

Oliver has had many relationships in his life, some of them short-lived, some of them night-one stands, and a few longer ones. He dated Sara Lance, Helena Bertinelli, Shado, and many, many others, Felicity included, but only one woman was his first love, and that always was and always would be Laurel.

How long are Oliver and Felicity break up?

If you actually count backwards to the episode Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) first broke off their engagement, Arrow fans have withstood
610 days
of this Olicity breakup. That’s pretty freaking brutal.

In what season do Oliver and Felicity break up?

“One of the things that we’ve always wanted to do, and I think a lot of the fans have asked for, is basically deal with the consequences of [season] 4 [episode] 15 [when] Oliver and Felicity ended their engagement and broke up,” explained Guggenheim.

Does Felicity turn evil?

Felicity seemed to spiral in the opposite direction. She went from good, to evil; from hero to villain. Roy, Dinah, Zoe and William try to follow her clues in the episode, and they are led to her office in Smoak Technologies. There, they obtain and unlock her hidden files which reveal her intent to destroy Star City.

Is Arrow returning for season 9?

What happens in season 8 of Arrow?

It is explained that Oliver sacrificed his life in the latest crossover, to not only restart the universe, but also resurrect many of the people he had lost in the past eight years: Tommy (Colin Donnell); his mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson); Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne); and Emiko (Sea Shimooka).

Why did Nyssa marry Oliver?

Her father explained it was a favor to Oliver as he would become his heir. Nyssa said it was because he did not approve of her relationship with Sara. Her father explained how she was unfit to be his heir as she had allowed weakness to come into her life which had made her emotional in her judgement.

Who is Ra’s al Ghul son?

Dusan al Ghul was the son of Ra’s al Ghul, who was rejected by his father because he was born with albinism. He tried everything to earn his father’s respect and eventually gave up and left. Dusan secretly returned as the White Ghost, and worked himself up in the ranks.

Who married Nyssa?

Nyssa Al Ghul and Oliver Queen did in fact get married towards the end of Season 3 when Oliver signed on to become a member of the League of Assassins.

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