Yellowstone: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Dutton Family (2023)

By Billy Oduory

The Dutton family is anything but functional and while the family squabbles keep the show going, memes about John Dutton and his children keep coming

Yellowstone: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Dutton Family (1)

The Dutton family dysfunction has been the most interesting part of Yellowstone since the first season, and it is only going to get better in the upcoming season. Jamie proved to be the bad apple in the fourth season but his match-up against Beth is bound to be the greatest fan attraction of the show. While the external threats from Thomas Rainwater and the developers is a big enough, the greatest threat to the survival of the ranch could well be the Duttons themselves.

John Dutton has always tried to keep the family in check, but even he has his own problems since he can't seem to have a single successful father-daughter conversation with Beth. Rip joining the family through his marriage to Beth didn't do him any favors either. With so much drama, the only way for fans to describe the family is through these hilarious memes.



10 Beth Dutton Is Ruthless

Game of Thrones' Cersei Lannister is regarded as one of the most ruthless villains in TV history, but even she didn't have as horrible a personality as Beth Dutton does. Beth Dutton is actually an antihero, but she has a scorched Earth policy on everyone that doesn't support her opinion, even when they want the same thing as she does.

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She got Summer arrested and sent to prison just because she didn't like her, despite the fact that her father was in love with her. She did the same with the CEO of Market Equities, getting her fired before Caroline Warner took over. Beth Dutton has no permanent friends and doesn't know how to forgive and treat people nicely.

9 Beth Dutton Is Very Protective

Despite having terrible social skills, Beth Dutton is loyal and very protective of The Dutton family legacy. Market Equities underestimated her stubbornness when it comes to the Dutton legacy and employed her only for her to go behind their backs and secure more security for the ranch.

She is also so protective of John Dutton that she was willing to send Summer to prison when she deemed her an unsuitable partner for him. She also bullied the shop attendant for harassing Monica proving just how much she would hurt anyone that threatened the Duttons.

8 Rip Wheeler Takes Murder Casually

Rip makes the Train Station sound like a fun trip which is why those headed there don't realize just how much trouble they are in. When the cowboys attacked Jimmy in the first season, he killed one of them in the Train Station without flinching even as the man pleaded for his life.

The best of him was expressed when he used rattlesnakes to kill Roarke Carter in the river, a danger that the Market Equities man didn't see coming. Rip takes killing people so casually, that he was shocked when Kayce failed to kill Walker after he took him to The Train Station.

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7 The Train Station

The Train Station is one of the most well-guarded secrets of the Dutton Family that seems to run from their long history because even Kayce who didn't stay on the ranch knew about it. The Station summarizes the ruthlessness with which the Dutton family deals with people that threaten the ranch. Even Jamie had to kill a reporter to protect the secrets of the ranch before he could come back home.

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While it serves the purpose of eliminating threats, it also shows the other side of the Duttons. A family that comes up with such a sweet name for an execution site is obviously no stranger to violence. The Train Station may be explained better in the prequel shows of Yellowstone including the upcoming 1923.

6 John Dutton And Kayce Have The Best Father-Son Relationship

Kayce is the only Dutton that behaves like a normal human being, which is why he followed Monica to live on the reservation away from all the drama in the family. He still shares a strong bond with John Dutton and actually listens to him when he gives advice. When John Dutton asked Kayce to move to the ranch, he accepted despite Monica's protests.

Kayce also accepted John's request to make him the livestock commissioner to keep that position in the family. Whenever Kayce and Tate are on the ranch, John Dutton's fatherly side is expressed because they adore him as a father more than Jamie and Beth.

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5 Jamie's Misfortunes

From being forced to kill a reporter he willingly engaged, to becoming Beth's prisoner while doing his biological father's wishes, everything Jamie does always seems to end in disaster. When he met his biological father and thought he finally had a better family, Garrett turned out to be a psychopath more murderous than John Dutton.

His ambition to become a governor was also ruined when Beth recorded him trying to dispose of Garrett's body despite his death being more of a suicide than a murder. Jamie trying to be his own person away from the Duttons always seems to backfire which is unfair because he was only trying to do the right thing most of the time.

4 Beth Dutton Is Always Drinking And Smoking

Despite expressing herself as a strong, independent, and often arrogant woman, Beth Dutton is a disturbed person. Her mental struggles often overshadow her many intelligent decisions, especially as an investment expert. Jamie caused her to lose the ability to have children, and she also blames herself for her mother's death.

She drinks and smokes excessively, and even had to call on Jamie to drive her home after over-drinking on one occasion despite her hatred of him. The heavy drinking only makes her behavior worse though. She ends up picking unnecessary fights even with her father when she is drunk.

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3 Rip Does The Family's Dirty Work

Rip Wheeler never refrains from doing the dirty work for the Duttons though. When Jamie killed Sarah, Rip was the person he trusted to dispose of the body and clear his name. He is also the person that drives people to The Train Station which makes him the keeper of the family's dirtiest secrets.

RELATED: The 10 Best Westerns Of All Time, According To The AFIThe Duttons use him and the branded members of the ranch to do the dirty work, especially whenever they want to kill their enemies. He has become impervious to emotion as a result of the many murders he has committed, and he no longer sees killing people as a big deal.

2 Rip And Beth's Marriage

Rip is the only person that seems to evoke the soft side in Beth, but it comes at the cost of his own peace. His marriage to Beth is always on the edge because of Beth's many wild moments that put everyone in danger. Beth actually proposed to Rip because Rip couldn't gather the courage to propose fearing John Dutton's wrath.

After getting married, Rip became the cleanup man for Beth's unending mess. Rip is always worried about Beth because when she doesn't come home beaten up, she comes back crying. Rip loves her though, and always tries to make her happy, but Beth doesn't seem to care much about Rip's happiness.

1 Rip Wheeler Is Fearsome

Rip wheeler always looks like he is one step away from killing anyone that he doesn't like. Whenever someone crosses John Dutton's path, Rip Wheeler comes up with a plan to kill them. He doesn't consider forgiveness and diplomacy as possible solutions to disagreements.

When the group captured Dan Jenkins to scare him away from the ranch, Rip chose to hang him even when it was obvious that he wasn't a threat to the ranch anymore. He also threatened to take Lloyd to the Train Station after he stabbed Walker despite Lloyd being the oldest serving cowboy on the ranch.

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